The Launching of the process heading to EU/Africa Green Investment Forum took place on the last 23rd march, one month ahead of the main event and it unfolded into two different sessions, one of them in the morning with the African continent and the other with EU/MS’s, in the afternoon.

The main axes and goals of the Forum were outlined, as well as its agenda and hybrid format and it was pointed out that this is about a dialogue process to be feed and boost through 25 Green Talks which will develop throughout the next month.

The 1st of these Green Talks took place the next day, on 24th march, in Dakar.

The purpose of ensuring a comprehensive and diverse participation in the Forum as well as in the Green Talks has been underlined, through the gathering of institutional representatives, business sectors and civil society, including academic community and NGO’s, both from Africa and EU.

There was a pretty positive and remarkable feedback for these upcoming 30 days of dialogue EU/Africa on Green Transition, as several HoM’s declared to stand ready to follow-up closely this initiative, through its promotion upon the authorities, businesses and economic actors of their own countries.

Following is updated timetable of Green Talks for next month:



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